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Fruktstereo Cider Revolution (2018)

Cider Profile:

Name:   Fruktstereo Cider Revolution (2018)
Sampled June 2020

Brand: Frukstereo
Apple and Pear – Sparkling
Location of
Brewing: Malmo, Sweden
ABV: 5.5%
Website Link:
: Water, apple, pear, sulphites
Gluten Free
: Yes
Sugar Content: N/A

Size(s) available: 750ml (bottle)
Specialty – Better Beverage Bars
Apple & Pear
Hazy straw yellow
Small, frequently streaming bubbles

Cider Crate Tasting Notes:

Smell: Strong aroma. Punchy, earthy and acetic.
Initial Taste: Strong bite from acidity and carbonation. Pungent apple and light pear notes.  Puckering to start, almost makes you wince. Acetic/vinegar.
After Taste: When carbonation dies, flavour remains almost unchanged.  Pulpy, muddled apples are very minimum. Acidity is the key element here.
On ice: Almost the same, mouth-feel is slightly more tonic-like.

Additional Notes:  The Fruktstereo Cider Revolution from Sweden is really a funk-stereo of flavours.  Very acetic, puckering and dry, it’s an aggressive cider that is not for the faint of heart.  One of the sourest ciders we’ve have, it would pair very well with food (as its not sessionable and food flavours might tame the elements). Very unfiltered so you’ll have to swirl the sediment well; and open with care and patience as it has a lot carbonation. The apple and pear notes are very muddled, funky and dank.

Rated on a scale of 1-5
Sweet – 1.5
Sour – 5
Crisp – 1.5
Dry – 4
Fruity – 2

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