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Ernest – Blue Lagoon

Cider Profile:

Name: Ernest – Blue Lagoon
Sampled August 2020

Brand:  Ermest Cider Co Ltd.
Type: Flavoured – Blue Spirulina
Location of Brewing: Bond Head, ON
ABV: 6%
Website Link:
Ingredients: Apples, blue spirulina, pure lemon juice, sulphites
Gluten Free: Yes
Sugar Content: 2g/l

Size(s) available: 473ml (can)
Availability: Ernest Retail + Online Store
Flavour: Blue spirulina + Lemon
Colour:  Hazy turquoise
Carbonation: Large, sparse bubbles

Cider Crate Tasting Notes:

Smell: Light aroma. Dessert apples with a tangy lemon flavour.
Initial Taste: Minimal bite. Quickly tart and lemon forward. Mild gin botanical-like notes.
After Taste: Apple notes make a slight appearance. Blue gummy candy flavour. Flavour sharply finishes. Mild astringency and acidity in the end. Some earthy notes.
On ice: Basically no difference in taste or mouthfeel.

Additional Notes:  Ernest’s Blue Lagoon cider is a very unique creation, both appearance and taste wise. The addition of blue spirulina does indeed make the cider a vivid hazy blue, just like a tropical waterway. The cider is not sweet, but more so leaning towards sour, but far from puckering. With a slightly tart lemon start, it makes way for a blue gummy taste in the finish. 

Rated on a scale of 1-5
Sweet – 2
Sour – 3.5
Crisp – 3.5
Dry – 3.5
Fruity – 3

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