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Farmed & Dangerous Cider

Farmed & Dangerous Cider

Cider Profile:

Name:  Farmed & Dangerous Cider
Sampled December 2018

Brand: North American Craft
Apple – Crisp
Location of Brewing:
Hamilton, ON
Website Link:
Apples, sulphites
Gluten Free:
Sugar Content: 24 g/L

Size(s) available: 473mL (can)
Straw translucent yellow
Very infrequently streaming medium bubbles. Some mild foam on the top.


Cider Crate Tasting Notes:

Smell: Strong aroma. Semi-sweet with some earthiness. Sour and tannin notes. Very apple-forward.
Initial Taste: Mild acidic bite. Quickly apple forward – with sour and dessert apple flavours noticeable. Slight earthiness.
After Taste: Apple flavours continue, with the sour notes dissipating slightly. Becomes creamier. Fleshy apple flavour. Semi-dry finish. Lingers a while.
On ice: Generally the same cider but all elements become more mild/reduced.

Additional Notes: Farmed & Dangerous is a very good example of an apple-forward cider, that doesn’t mess around with unnecessary flavours. With a medley of apple flavours, it is sweet with a touch of sour – a nice example of the recently emerging definition of what an ‘Ontario Apple Cider’ is. With fleshy apple tastes, it tastes fresh, crisp and with many farm-to-can influences. It helps that part of the proceeds helps injured farmers – a cider we can all feel good about drinking!

Rated on a scale of 1-5
Sweet – 3
Sour – 2.5
Crisp – 3
Dry – 2.5
Fruity – 4

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One comment on “Farmed & Dangerous Cider

  1. The first not that hit my palate was cooked eggs. Is this the sulphates? Never tasted that in a cider before – nor will i again.

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