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Duxbury – Honey Rose Petal

Duxbury – Honey Rose Petal

Cider Profile:

Name: Duxbury – Honey Rose Petal
Sampled August 2021

Brand: Duxbury Cider Co
Type: Flavoured – Rose and Honey
Location of Brewing: Meaford, ON
ABV: 5%
Website Link:
Ingredients: Ontario apples, honey,
organic apples, sulphites

Gluten Free: Yes
Sugar Content: 25 g/L

Size(s) available: 473ml (can)
Availability: Duxbury Cider online store
and select farmers markets

Flavour: Rose and honey
Colour:  Transparent, bright yellow
Carbonation: Large infrequently streaming bubbles

Cider Crate Tasting Notes:

Smell: Strong aroma. Astringent and floral rose. Tannic, acidic apples. Mild honey undertones.
Initial Taste: Medium bite from carbonation. Quick tannic apples and acidity that are sharp and gripping. Thick honey flavour and mouthfeel. Some fermentation notes here.
After Taste: Apples become smoother, cleaner. Delicate rose notes come through. Long lingering apple and honey flavours.
On ice: Reduced carbonation. Smoother overall. Apples come across sweeter. Less acidity.

Additional Notes:  Duxbury’s Honey Rose Petal Cider is a cider with a lot of depth. Starting off with strong and gripping apples, tannins and acidity – with some fermentation – it becomes smoother and cleaner in the finish, but without a lessening of flavour or complexity. The honey is particularly strong upfront, but balanced to the other elements, making the cider very flavoured and with a heavier mouthfeel. The rose petals come through once some of the heavier acidity and sharp apple notes soften, being delicate and mildly floral.

Rated on a scale of 1-5
Sweet – 2.5
Sour – 2.5
Crisp – 4
Dry – 3.5
Fruity – 4

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