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Bootleg Whisky Barrel Aged Cider

Bootleg Whisky Barrel Aged Cider

Cider Profile:

Name: Bootleg Whisky Barrel Aged Cider
Sampled December 2018

Brand: Small Talk Vineyards
Apple – Barrel-aged
Location of Brewing:
Website Link:
Cider, whisky flavour, potassium sorbate, sulphites
Gluten Free:
Sugar Content: 32 g/LSize(s) available: 471mL (can)
Apple and Whisky
Translucent sunshine yellow
Medium, semi-streaming bubbles

Cider Crate Tasting Notes:

Smell: Medium aroma. Sweet vanilla and whisky smells. Mild dessert apples notes.
Initial Taste: Light bite from carbonation. Quickly sweet with some acidity from the apples. Some earthiness. Creamy, fleshy apple flavour.
After Taste: Apples remain with whisky notes strengthening and lingering. Vanilla notes. Ends crisp with sweet bourbon flavours.
On ice: Carbonation and flavour cut significantly.

Additional Notes: The Bootleg Cider is a unique product to the LCBO, offering whisky and vanilla flavours not typically found in ciders available there. Predominately sweet, it does feature earthiness and acidity that adds differing elements to the cider; amongst the creamy, dessert apple flavours. While there are whisky flavours, we feel it is more of a sweet, smooth bourbon taste. Could be more of a slow sipper that we advise to not drink with ice – to get the full effects of what is intended.

Rated on a scale of 1-5
Sweet – 4
Sour – 2
Crisp – 4
Dry – 2.5
Fruity – 3.5

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8 comments on “Bootleg Whisky Barrel Aged Cider

    • Hello Annick,

      You should be able to buy it from Shiny Cider / Small Talk Vineyards directly at their retail store, but you should call them about inventory first.

  1. It’s now December 2019 and still not available in any LCBO. Was this a limited run? Do I have to drvie to Niagara to buy some? Thanks.

  2. Whatever people say, I think the truth remains that aged cider is always the best thing to have when you are looking out to have some of the best things in life.

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